• How do I add credits to my account?

    Adding credits is simple and easy to do. Once you've created an account you'll be able to upload credit within your account profile.

    Once you are in your account area, just click on the amount you would like to credit to your account and then click the button "Add Credit". You'll then be taken to our CCBill secure payment area and there you'll be able to complete your payment. Once this is done, your account will automatically be credited with your purchase amount.

  • What is Avenue72? How does it work?

    Avenue72,com is an online erotic conversations website. Clients and chat partners can create a free account and communicate discretly with each other via the internet, once clients had uploaded credit to their account.

  • How do I place a call?

    Placing a call is simple. After you have  created an account and uploaded credit you be able to connect to one of the chat partners online.

  • How do I contact the company if I have other questions or concerns?

    You are welcome to contact the support team via email 24 hours a day. If you have any questions please send an email to support@avenue72.com. Please include, where relevant, your user profile name or contact details so we can get back to you promptly. Visit http://www.avenue72,com/contact to leave a message for us.


  • Will you spam me?

    Any emails we send you are purely informative or offer special promotions. We may also send you messages to inform you about the status of your account. We will never reveal any personal information about you to third parties.

  • How safe is my information?

    You information 100% safe and never revealed to chat partner or client.

  • If I have any questions or problems, who should I contact?

    Please send an email to support@avenue72. com if you have any problems or questions. You can also use our contact form which can be found here http://www.avenue72.com/contact

  • Can I try Avenue 72 out first?

    Yes, we offer new clients $10.00 US Dollars of free credit when you first join. All you have to do is register and then your account will be updated with $10.00 US dollars.

  • Can I chat with multiple people at once?

    Avemue 72 is all about having intimate erotic conversations. It is therefore not possible to communicate with more than one person as the same time. You can of course communicate with others after each session just not at the same time.

  • Are my chat partners adults?

    All of the Avenue 72 team members including chat partners are adults aged 18+ and have all been personally interviewed and verified by Avenue 72 staff members. We take this matter very seriously. If you suspect you are not chatting with an adult aged 18+ the we ask you to please contact us via admin@avenue72.com so that we can fully investigate the situation.

    Chat partners and clients using the Avenue 72 website will be banned from the site and their account will be closed indefinitely.

  • Can I contact my chat partner on my own time?

    Your chat partner can only be reached via the Avenue 72 website. It is not possible to contact an Avenue 72 chat partner via other means.

  • Can I use Avenue72 if I live someplace other than in the United States?

    We are happy to annouce that Avenue 72 is now available to clients abroad. The following countries outside of the United States are now able to use the service:

    Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Spain and The Netherlands.